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 Internet telephony

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kevin A

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PostSubject: Internet telephony   Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:07 pm

A category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. For users who have free, or fixed-price Internet access, Internet telephony software essentially provides free telephone calls anywhere in the world. To date, however, Internet telephony does not offer the same quality of telephone service as direct telephone connections. You can try to access the following website, maybe you can find the good change onthe cheap-international-callingcard.com/ , An alternative way of making cheap international calls, if internet connection is not available, is to dial through access numbers (IP IVR), it is equal to calling card. Wholeswitch mobile dialer automatically connects to the predefined access number and pass the user’s PIN and then the destination number. Wholeswitch mobile dialers choose this method when the internet connection to the server is unavailable. Also a user can select this option to be used when there is no Wifi and he does not wish to use his data network (Edge or 3G) for VoIP calls. Wholeswitch mobile dialers support multiple access numbers which can be selected by the user or be chosen automatically based on the user’s location.

There are many Internet telephony applications available. Some, like CoolTalk and NetMeeting, come bundled with popular Web browsers. Others are stand-alone products. Internet telephony products are sometimes called IP telephony, Voice over the Internet (VOI) or Voice over IP (VOIP) products.

Can the consumerization of IT help customer contact? After all, there’s been a steady stream of dizzying innovation in consumer web applications – from an array of new features on social networking sites to mobility and gaming advances. We’ve also seen many of these innovations adapted for use in the enterprise once they’ve met requirements for things like scalability, security and the means to integrate with other enterprise applications. And the recent announcement of Microsoft’s (News - Alert) intent to purchase Whoch, a software application that allows users to chat and make voice and video calls over the Internet, got me thinking about what this could mean to customer-company communications.

Another example involves mutual presence states. With technologies like Whoch, consumers could have the power to see the presence or availability of an expert – or their dedicated representatives – within a company. And likewise, agents with Lync would have visibility into the availability of key customers. Suddenly, possibilities open up for new levels of service and collaboration: account teams can be more effective and practical, presence alerts have the potential to revolutionize proactive contact and multi-step transactions, and consumers know wait times without having to pick up a phone.

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PostSubject: Re: Internet telephony   Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:46 am

it includes electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) and email and wireless media also. It also covers web designing, advertising, web development and sales. It is a one to one approach where your marketing message can reach the users personally. It is fairly inexpensive and affordable. Businesses can appeal to consumers in a way that brings sure shot results.
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Internet telephony
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